Large Slingshot Collider


Move the cursor to place your nanoparticle below the eject line. Press and hold the mouse button
While holding the mouse-button pressed down, pull the cursor down to set the launch direction, using your nanoejector slingshot.
Release the mouse-button and hope that the nanoparticles of the same color spectrum will collide.
Hint: it is often better to collide two nanoparticles of different color, than the one you are slingshooting. Detailed instructions below.

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Use your slingshot to collide antimatter of the same color to prevent the world from disappearing into a black hole! When antimatter of different colors collide, they will dissapear. Longer chains of same color score higher, and creating collision chains of several colors in one shot give you a bonus.


Click mouse to place chip and pull back like a slingshot, then release.

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