This is a side-scrolling game in which you move a space ship while you have to avoid several obstacles like mines or black holes. As usual the ship can move along the x/y-axis, but also along the z-axis from near to far.

The special thing is that the level is a 3d world which is rendered as a stereogram so you can actually see it in full 3d (if you can't see them, you can also play it in heightmap or anaglyh mode). It has a little bit of a tech demo, demonstrating a real time sirds renderer, but it is also a full game.



The most important thing is that you can only play the game if you can the stereogram. In the background of the menu the word SIRDS is written, and you should try to see it, before you start the game.
In the default mode you should use the parallel view, to look behind the screen, until you see it. If you prefer to cross your eyes, you can check the invert option in the menu.
You can also change the image used to render the stereogram, until you find one which you can see really well.
The flickering is necessary to see movements in the sirds, so you should not turn it off, but you can do it, by unchecking the random movements options.
And finally, the rate of the flickering depends on the frame rate, which you can also change in the menu.
And perhaps you see it only good with changed settings.

The game

Although this applet contains several SIRDSlets, I write only the instructions of the space ship game here:

You fly through the level and if you hit something, the ship gets hurt.
The ship can survive several collisions, and in the lower levels of difficulty, it will regenerate itself using nanobots.
In the easiest levels it also contains an emergency time machine, which will move the ship back through time if you die the first or second time. You can also restart every level with space.

Within the level you will find different obstacles and modifiers. The obstacles are indestructible walls and mines. Latter can be destroyed by a single hit of your laser.
The strongest modifiers are black and white holes which will attract or repel the ship. There are also accelerators, drawn as a several arrows, which will accelerate the ship in a certain direction. A collision with a hole can destroy the ship, but the accelerators are safe to cross .


Arrows - Move in x/y direction.
Shift/a/x - Move in z direction, near.
Control/s/z - Move in z direction, far. The z-direction keys have all the same effect, but you can choose the key you like most .
Space - Shoot and respawn. You will probably need latter function more often than former.
Enter - Change display mode


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