Dirami Conquest


Battle it out against the AI to conquer planets to eventually destroy your opponent.


Conquer planets to produce more fighters, gun turrets, or defense systems. Bigger planets have faster production.

Use the left mouse button to (toggle) select starting planets and click the right mouse button to sent 1/3 of all the fighters from the start planets to the right clicked planet.

Produce fighters to be able to send them to conquer new planets, or defense agains invasion.

Defense production will create defense levels faster, but it is only useful when you are attacked. Fighter production is halved, and the defense goes away when you switch to another production mode. If you see enemies homing in on your planet from far away, or if you conquer a planet deep in enemy territory, it can be good to switch to defense.

Turrets will automatically shoot at enemy fighters that are within a certain range. Bigger planets will have a higher fire rate, but it takes a few seconds for the turrets to be powered up. Useful if lots of enemy fighters are in the area, but defend it well, as this irritates the enemy.

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