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Drive fast

view highscores      4.2       44451


Lightweight 3D action game in which you guide a ball around a maze, jumping obstacles, timing bridges and dodging falling platforms.

 4.2       13950

Space Snake

Snake with 360 degree movement.

 4.0       23230


Collide positive ions with negative, to make them go Boom!

 4.0       13333

Village Bombing

Your village is under attack and you need to defend your village from bombs by schooting rockets at them.

 4.0       5067


An excellent mixture of platforming and keyboard command-controlled gaming.

 4.0       11500


Match 3 game where you must find the patterns within the grid.

 4.2       8351

Starship Invaders

Make sure no enemy ships make their way to Federation space, or else all is lost.

view highscores      4.2       28995

Super Sweeper

MineSweeper with Tetris pieces!

 4.0       9632


A game for learning how to spell in Icelandic

 4.0       35995


ApoIcejumpReloaded is a free and fun Java game where you must hustle your enemy into the water.

 4.0       3036

Row Gem

match the patterns shown in the top right by removing gems. You lose points for removing gems, gain them for matching and get a big bonus for matching a pattern quickly!

 3.7       26047

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