Laser Fly

Ludum Dare 23 Entry! Play as a tiny fly on an endless piece of paper!

 3.0       575

Highspeed Highway

Race against the clock to get the fastest time through the congested highway

 5.0       28378

Space Spam

Press space as many times as you can in 20 seconds

view highscores      3.0       1045

Shalor Combo

Match shapes and colors to clear them from the board

 3.0       59875

Morcant Battle

Battle it out with lots of spacefighters

 3.0       7459

Flight Path Weaver

Guide the planes to their destinations without creating a crash

 3.0       872

Sonic Black: QFTFBE

Sonic Black: Quest for the Four Black Emeralds (to give it its full title) is a frenetic, side scrolling action adventure game based off the original Sega MegaDrive "Sonic The Hedgehog" games.

 3.0       1516

Opposite Lock Racing

A racing game that lets you drive many different cars with realistic handling on many different types of tracks

 3.0       2942


Small game, where the goal is to get to the british Officer.

 3.0       2009


Drag the numbers that corresponds to the number of stars in the boxes

 3.0       882


Fly the ship to the target planet before the fuel runs out

 3.0       859

Dune Buggy Bash

Race your dune buggy to win prices and buy upgrades, to bring you further to winning the ultimate championship.

view highscores      3.0       5371

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