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Butterfly jigsaw

Drag the pieces to form a butterfly

 3.0       15863

Super Sweeper

MineSweeper with Tetris pieces!

 4.0       15323

Adventure Car Drive

Pass 5 adventure levels with fast car - using left and right arrow

 3.0       15267


Match 3 game where you must find the patterns within the grid.

 4.2       13762

The Two Towers MUD

A text-based multiplayer adventure set within Tolkien's world of Middle-earth, at the time of 'Lord of the Rings'.

 4.5       12040

DragonFight - Score Mania

Use Dragon magic balls to defeat devils,stay alive until time expires. This is first game in series "Year of the dragon".

view highscores      3.0       10614


An excellent mixture of platforming and keyboard command-controlled gaming.

 4.0       15610


An 3d spaceship game in which everything is rendered as an autostereogram.

 3.0       15281


Old school Mega Man clone, made for the java4k competition.

 4.5       14017

Incredibuilder 1.0 beta

Build structures with tools and use of strategy.

 4.5       13750

Breaking the tower

A different kind of real time strategy game, where the pace is a bit more relaxed, but the strategy is not less important.

 4.8       10638

Learn to fly

Fly little pengiun, FLY!

 4.5       9589

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