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Animal Memory

Find pairs of the same animal pictures. A game for kids aged 3 and up.

view highscores      3.5       20580

Funny numbers

Kids game. Funny way to learn the numbers (in Swedish, English and Icelandic) and also how to use a mouse.

 3.0       20952


A fascinating set of physics puzzle game

 4.3       8181

Super Sweeper

MineSweeper with Tetris pieces!

 4.0       5874


Simply move the square to the X. Moving through lots of doors along the way.

 4.3       2939


Take over the board with your orbs, the player with the most orbs once the board is f

 3.0       10049

Dinosaur memory

Turn the cards around to find matching pairs

 3.0       18505

Mini Midi Maxi Maze

A game for kids aged 3 - 103. Find your way through maze

 3.0       12845


Collide positive ions with negative, to make them go Boom!

 4.0       8650


Slide the tiles to reach the exit

 4.3       4310


Reach the goal, avoid the press

 4.5       14330

Putty Shuffle

Drag the coloured blocks to slide them round the level. When two blocks of the same colour touch they will join and can then only be moved together.

 4.5       12583

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