Super Bubble Pop Fruit Drop

Pop bubbles by clicking on them. Accuracy and speed get bonuses. Watch out for fruit changes. Lose of life if you click on the wrong one.

 3.5       30899

Mini Midi Maxi Maze

A game for kids aged 3 - 103. Find your way through maze

 3.0       34935

Dinosaur memory

Turn the cards around to find matching pairs

 3.0       45100


A game for learning how to spell in Icelandic

 4.0       47565

Butterfly jigsaw

Drag the pieces to form a butterfly

 3.0       11273

Spellingo De

Drag the letters to spell out the word. Now in German

 3.0       21292

Patch Match

Click groups of colors to make them disappear. The larger the group, the higher the score.

 3.0       56397

Funny numbers

Kids game. Funny way to learn the numbers (in Swedish, English and Icelandic) and also how to use a mouse.

 3.0       57560

Animal Memory

Find pairs of the same animal pictures. A game for kids aged 3 and up.

view highscores      3.5       43040

Funny letters

Learn the letters in Swedish and Icelandic

 3.0       31927

Blue bird dress-up

Dress up the girl

 3.0       11879

 3.0       23348

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