Move | Mar 2, 2012

Games4j has now moved to its new server, and everything seems to be working fine.

Happy holidays | Dec 24, 2010

A few more great games have been added to play with during the holidays. Enjoy!

Tags | May 27, 2010

Tags have been added to easier find games of your liking

Here you can see a list of tags, and by clicking a tag in that list you can see all games with that tag.

On each game page you can also click its tags to see other games with the same tag.

Incredibuilder | May 27, 2010

Incredibuilder has graduated from incubator state. It is a tetris inspred puzzler game.Great looking game with many level and difficulty settings. Try it out if you haven't already!

Collection of kids games | Apr 11, 2010

A few games for kids aged 3 - 103 years have been added:

  • Dino Memory is a memory game where you match cards with same images.
  • Mini Midi Maxi Maze is a maze game. Find your way to the treasure chest.
  • Funny Numbers is a fun way to learn the numbers in English, Swedish and Icelandic.
  • Animal Memory is a game like Dino Memory, but with images of animals instead of Dinosaurs

These games are made for preschool kids, but have been enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

Dirami Conquest hits 1000 page views | Apr 1, 2010

The  game page Dirami Conquest has been viewed more than 1000 times dispite the fact (or because of?) that it still is in incubator state.


Jan 28, 2010 | Jan 28, 2010

A game developers Wiki has been added:

Come read and write lots of useful stuff for game developers!

The first Silverlight game on games4j! | Oct 12, 2009

The first silverlight game has been added to our site. Construction is a fun physics-based puzzle game, that involves bulldozers! That can hardly go wrong, so go check it out! Now! Stop reading, go play! Go!

News feed | Sep 24, 2009

You can now get RSS feeds for both news and also feedback on games.
A separate news page has been added.

New games | Aug 23, 2009

Three great games have been added by Apo. Puzzlers ApoDoor and ApoSliding, and the more actionbased ApoWomenInvasion.

New games | Aug 23, 2009

Three games from studiofortress have been submitted. These games use OpenGL and are really smooth running and fun toplay! Cool

Faster server | Jun 29, 2009

The site has been moved to a production server with faster connection.

Notch is in da house! | Jun 7, 2009

Five new games developed by Notch has been added to the site!

New game | Jun 5, 2009

Starship Invaders by Appel has gotten higscore list and is no longer in incubator state

For game developers | Jun 4, 2009

New highscore api available in the new Game Developers section

New games | Jun 4, 2009

Morre has added a cool pontifex/bridgebuilder clone, and KappaOne added a lwjgl based applet game called Hexx

Going Beta | May 27, 2009

Beta version has been opened to users

New games | May 27, 2009

Kevglass added five really cool flash games. Go check them out!

| Feb 21, 2009
New: Ajax, New look, Better feedback possibilities, favorite games, switch to ibatis, ads and stats
| Oct 15, 2008
Highscores now have levels. Check out chip chuck highscore.
| Oct 11, 2008
Can now view last 7 days highscores
added and deleted a few games
more categories on front page
| Oct 5, 2008
GNU stole back the Bubble Trouble champ title. 1645 Will be really hard to beat!!!
| Oct 3, 2008
Breaking news!!!
Jojo has reclaimed top spot in Bubble Trouble with 1387 points.
| Sep 18, 2008
Games4J webpage is up and running

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